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Emma Harvey, known as YungelitaElita Harkov, or simply Elita, is an Instagram star and a friend of Melanie Martinez. She appeared in the Tag, You're It music video as the Cashier.[3] She also reprised the same role in the music video for Mad Hatter.


  • She has been proven to be a pedophile, zoophile, and necrophile. Proof can be found here.
    • Right after more and more people started finding out Elita had posted pedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality, she changed her Tumblr URL, privated her likes and privated her Instagram for some time.
  • She received the Cry Baby Perfume Milk earlier than most people due to being one of Melanie's friends.
    • Despite that, she sold her perfume on her Depop.[4]
  • Melanie previously stated on Twitter that Elita is one of her best friends.[5] She has since deleted this tweet.
  • Elita released her debut single I Hate Everyone but You on July 12th, 2018 on Spotify.[6]
  • It has been confirmed she will make an appearance in The Crybaby Movie.



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