"You Love I" is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. This song was supposed to be on Dollhouse, but it was scrapped because it didn't fit in with any of the other songs. It was then intended to be featured on her debut album, Cry Baby,[1]. but was scrapped again. She has performed this song live multiple times.

Melanie once tweeted all of the Dollhouse songs using only emojis. One of the songs said "you ❤ I". Once the song had been scrapped, she deleted the tweet. She also mentioned the song in a post on Facebook in 2014.


When the lyrics are read from bottom to top, it forms a story, presumably about Marilyn Monroe, due to the fact that there is a reversed audio clip of Marilyn in the beginning. This story tells of Marilyn meeting a guy, whom she quickly begins dating. They slowly become more and more attracted to each other and move in with each other. They decide to get married, but before they could, she cheated on him. She then blames him for not putting in enough effort, singing, "That's what happens happens when you don't try".



[Verse 1]
The end, I move back in
Before you knew it, I cheated on him
Oh yeah, that's what happens when you don't try 
You know I always thought about him
Even when the other boys sneak in
But infidelity would never even cross my mind

[Verse 2]
Wonderful, so wonderful
But, boy, don't get too comfortable
'Cause what we have's untouchable, I, I, I
I stood deaf till I stood dead
Untied a knot in my wedding dress
He got down on one knee and he said

You love I
You love I
You love I
Do I? Do I? Do I? Do I?

[Verse 3]
Oh oh, I move back out
He invited me into his fancy house
It's been so long we might as well try
Wonderful, so wonderful
You turned my heart into a puppet show
If you like me, please, let me know, I, I, I
One day, the very first date
He walked on over and he asked my name
He could be the one to say

You love I
You love I
You love I
Do I? Do I? Do I? Do I?

I love you
I love you
I love you
I do, I do, I do, I do

I do, I do, I do, I do
Do I? Do I?
You love I
I do, I do, I do, I do
Do I? Do I?


  • The song includes a backmasked message. If you reverse and slow down the first set of vocals before the actual song, the audio clip is of Marilyn Monroe saying "Uh, do I feel happy in life?"
    • This is one of two known songs by Melanie that includes a backmasked message in it, the only other one being Teddy Bear.
  • Melanie likely scrapped the song late in development, because there is a fully rendered studio version of the song.
  • This song was illegally sampled in the song Love by Garrett.
    • The song used to be up on YouTube, however, it was taken down due to a copyright claim by WMG.
  • This song, along with Night Mime are currently the only leaked Dollhouse outtakes.





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