"Where Do Babies Come From?" is an unreleased song written by Melanie Martinez. It was originally intended to be featured as a bonus track on her debut album, Cry Baby.[1] 

However, her father, Jose Martinez, told a fan on Instagram that this song would not be included on the album, stating that it "is a great song".[2]

Leak History

  • August 2014 - Melanie released two snippets of the song on her Instagram.
  • December 4th, 2017 - A low-quality 10-second snippet leaked by an unknown user on Picosong.
  • August 9th, 2018 - Various short snippets leaked by an unknown user on PopHatesFlops. A shorter high-quality version of the previous snippet was also leaked. It's rumored that the snippet has been leaked by the same user.


Melanie released snippets of this song in August of 2014 on her Instagram, showcasing two 15-second clips in an attempt to get fans' approval on whether the song should be featured on the album. The feedback was largely positive, however, despite the response among fans, the song did not make the cut for the album.

On June 1st, Melanie confirmed on her Periscope that the song would not be featured on her first studio album. Her father posted an additional 15-second clip on his official Instagram (@jmartinezmtp) on July 26th, stating that it did not make it on the album. Since a studio version had been created, it is possible that it may be released one day.

In July of 2015, Melanie answered a question on her Tumblr page regarding the song's future, stating, "it's a possibility there will be a purpose for the song someday, but it is staying off the internet until further notice".[3]

On December 4th, 2017, a 10-second snippet was leaked by an unknown user on Picosong, following the recent allegations against Melanie made by Timothy Heller. On August 9th, 2018, parts of the song were leaked by an unknown user.


The song is presumably about adolescence and how it's a prime time that many underage children are beginning to partake and interact with sexual contact. From the snippets that have been released, it describes a child begging her mother for an explanation as to where babies come from and asking if it is as magical and happy as it seems to be. The mother responds in a harsh tone, telling her that they come from girls who grow up too fast and from boys who are lazy. This refers to the fact that many children in modern day society are getting pregnant before they are ready to be parents and that the fathers of these new-born children are too young and don't help the mother when raising said child.



Where do babies come from?
Do they come from rainbows and love?
Mommy, mommy tell me please
Where do babies come from, really?
They come from boys who want to sit on their ass
They come from girls who like to grow up too fast
They come from screaming, fighting, make-up sex
After that and then there's nothing left

Here comes the little-
Magically appears
It's my mom's-

What a lovely little mess I've made
I throw milk on the walls in rage
Oh I'm trying to just forget the pain


  • This song is not featured on Melanie's first studio album, Cry Baby, because she believes that "the rest of the songs are of higher standards, quality, and fit the theme better".
    • It has been confirmed that Where Do Babies Come From? will not be on the second album either, as Melanie stated that "there are better songs than this one".
  • Melanie has stated that this song is very personal to her.[4]


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