so i was just looking at melanie's BMI and ASCAP repertoires, and i noticed a few songs not on this wiki. one of them has a deleted page, but im not sure about the other ones. theyre under the record label "Music by Melanie", which i think is melanie's old record label in like the early 2000s.

i found:

  • Frantic
  • Go (could be Go on Away?)
  • Moody
  • Oddity
  • Outta Time
  • Use Extreme Caution
  • One (could be The One?)

these have probably already been discussed, but im not sure. just wanted to put them out there :]

imo, i think we should have pages for each of these songs, as they are related to melanie, and have something to do with her and her own record label.

edit: here are the links to the sources.



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