Since, I have a lot of favorite songs of Mel. I am going to make my opinion on them.


The instrumental is really adorable. I really love the vocals because I'm a twin myself, but it's said that the vocals last for 30 seconds and that beat drop was amazing !!!


This is not my favorite song, but its good. Is it just me or do I think she's saying nothing during the beginning vocals, like she's muttering it. I couldn't understand why she did that but I heard that she was experimenting melodies.

Ring Pop

I LOVE THE SONG, took us 6-7 years for this song to leak. I wonder how the second demo and final version sounds like. We have a snippet of the final version and it sounds amazing but it's watermarked.

More coming soon, please don't hate me. Again, this is my opinion and I will respect your opinion, aswell!

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