Hi i’m BluffingtonPlayground, my name in real life is Juan

i am very quiet and shy with people who are no closer to me, but i am always happy with my friends and family.

My favorite hobbie is draw nature landscapes and things I see around me.


I joined this wiki because, I wanted to talk to people who like melanie just like me, and I want to make new friends too. 🤗💕💕

My favorite musics of Melanie:

Cry baby cover ♥ This user likes Training Wheels
K-12 ♥ This user likes Drama Club
Cry baby cover ♥ This user likes the song Mrs. Potato Head
Mmexample ♥ This user likes 99 Cent Store
Mmexample ♥ This user likes Night Mime
Mmexample ♥ This user likes Haunted
Soapsingle ♥ This user likes Soap
418456374023 ♥ This user likes Dead to Me
Mmexample ♥ This user likes Unhappy Meal
Mmexample ♥ This user likes Half Hearted

Old songs

My favorite covers of Melanie:

My favorite pictures of Melanie:

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