The unreleased Unknown Extended Play is an extended play (EP) by Melanie Martinez that was planned to be released around August 2013,[1][2] however it was later scrapped in September of 2013 before it could be released.


After leaving The Voice, Melanie began to write the project at the end of 2012, starting with Bones Are Blue which was performed for the first known time in a livestream on December 5th, 2012. She started recording acoustic demos of the songs in the studio in early 2013 with THE ELEV3N, who produced an acoustic demo of Dear Porcupines and more songs.[3][4] A Thousand Words and Rough Love were produced by John Feldmann in May 2013, both recorded the same session as Last Chapter (Never Stayed for Love).[5][6]

Melanie promoted the EP by performing the songs during livestreams and concerts throughout 2013.[7][8] She would collect money from her livestreams and StageIt shows to help fund the EP.[9] Three of the songs on the EP were originally intended to be a part of her 2012 EP, Take Me to the Moon, which are Birthing Addicts, I Think I'm Crazy and Curly Cue. However I Think I’m Crazy might’ve been scrapped early, due to it only being mentioned in early 2013 and being played live once.[10]

Around June 2013, songs THE ELEV3N originally produced were reproduced by Doveman.[11] He reproduced Dear Porcupines, Birthing Addicts, Curly Cue and possibly others, which were all originally composed with acoustic production. Doveman's production gave the EP a new sound: unlike the original demos, the new versions were non-acoustic guitar and more piano based, also incorporating jazz and blues influences.

Jose Martinez confirmed that the EP was almost done on July 23th, 2013.[12] Melanie also revealed in July that she done a photoshoot for the EP's cover with Jordan Tiberio, however, some photos including the cover one got corrupted so she had to do another photoshoot.[13] Melanie also tweeted around August 21, 2013 that the EP was coming out very soon. This indicates that the EP was likely finished and was close to being released. The EP was scrapped in September 2013, and Melanie instead released the Dollhouse EP in 2014.[2]


The songs that were confirmed to have been planned for this EP are:

Possible Songs


  • The official name of this EP is unknown.


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