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The Unknown Extended Play or 2013 EP refers to the extended play (EP) by Melanie Martinez that she planned to release around September 2013,[1][2] however it was scrapped later that month prior to the release. The official name and artwork of the EP are currently unknown.


After leaving The Voice, Melanie began to write the project on December 5th, 2012, starting with "Bones Are Blue" which was performed for the first time in a livestream on the same day.[3] She had her first studio session at a currently unknown studio with currently unknown writers/producers on January 7th, 2013,[4] however, it is speculated that those sessions were with the producer and songwriter Ebonie Smith, who mentioned that worked with Melanie on "early acoustic sessions".[5]

She later started recording demos of her solely pre-written songs in the studio on February 14th, 2013[6] with THE ELEV3N.[7][8] "A Thousand Words" and "Rough Love" were produced by John Feldmann in May 2013, both recorded the same session as "Last Chapter (Never Stayed for Love)".[9][10] Around June 2013, Melanie took to the studio with Doveman.[11] In these sessions, "Dear Porcupines", "Birthing Addicts", "Curly Cue", "Time Flies" and "I Think I'm Crazy".[12] Melanie also had sessions with other producers during that time such as with SmarterChild, Larzz Principato, Syience, Robopop, Michael Mazzota and Charles Joseph. Melanie promoted the EP by performing the songs during livestreams and concerts throughout 2013.[13][14] She would collect money from her livestreams and StageIt shows to help fund the EP.[15]

Jose Martinez confirmed that the EP was almost done on July 23rd, 2013[16] and Melanie also revealed that she had done a photoshoot for the EP's cover with Jordan Tiberio, however some photos including the cover art got corrupted so she had to do another one.[17] Melanie also tweeted around August 21st, 2013 that the EP was coming out "very soon". This indicates that the EP was likely finished and was close to being released. Melanie also revealed in another tweet on September 9th, 2013, that she had plans for an official merch line inspired by the EP following its release.[18]

The EP was officially scrapped later that month when she met Kinetics & One Love and the trio wrote their first collaboration together, "Dollhouse", in their first studio session on September 19th, 2013.[19] Melanie "wanted to keep writing songs that were inside that world", referring to how this song ended up leading her to start working on the Cry Baby album with a new sound.[20] Instead of the 2013 EP, she instead released the Dollhouse EP the following year.


Basing off the songs Melanie herself confirmed, live performances, among other sources, we can get an idea of what the EP tracklist looked like. The following list is not in official order but it's likely that these tracks would've appeared on the project.

  1. "A Million Men"
  2. "A Thousand Words"
  3. "Birthing Addicts"
  4. "Bones Are Blue"
  5. "Curly Cue"
  6. "Dear Porcupines"
  7. "Night Mime"
  8. "Race"
  9. "Rough Love"

Cut Songs

"I Think I'm Crazy" was confirmed during the EP's early stages where Melanie confirmed that she was planning on reworking three Take Me to the Moon songs for the project. However, it was likely scrapped later on as Melanie rarely performed it. More speculated outtakes include "Intervals" and "Time Flies".


  • This EP's sound was based off the artist Jesca Hoop.[21]