• Do you know? The pain I've though? All the lies been told from you? I can't lie to you forever..

    Do you know? The tears i have shead? Have felt like i've bled? From the scars your leaving on me..

    Do you know? The blood you left behind? The fire you left burning? Just for me to burn in them..

    Do you know? The flames gases are choking me I can't take what you've left I can't do this with you

    Do you know? The paint you left drying? The blackened canvas of ashes? Painted by my puppetire

    Your family never tells you Your rights or wrongs You've never learned How to love

    Do you know? How badly you left me? How i wanted to actually love? But you left nothing

    I'm lost in these ashes They won't mend what you took And now you just stare at me Just to gawk and look

    (repeat 2x) Im standing still For this to begin For you to finish Your puppeteers painting

    I'm tired of your games Of fooling my heart I don't know love We don't know where to start

    I'm trapped in a bottle Filled up with liquor Filled of the lies you've told me I'm drowning...

    I can't stand this I can't stand my lies I mistook my life And gave it to you

    I don't know how to live But i know how to die I need to be lead And the lies began at nigh'

    I don't understand what i did To make the mistake you for someone, That i thought i could learn How to love

    I'm sorry I'm sorry I've ruined your life But i can't breathe At the handle of the knife

    Please understand that i have a life And so do you The ladies man holds his wife ROY-G-BIV isn't that new

    I wasn't meant for you And you said you loved me In the night you soon flew And i am left drowning in the salty tea (That's called my tears, tears..)

    (repeat 2x) Im standing still For this to begin For you to finish Your puppeteers painting

    For you to finish Your puppeteers painting...

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