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The Principal is a character who is the secondary antagonist created by Melanie Martinez for her film, K-12. He is portrayed by Toby Eddington. He is the Principal of K-12 Sleepaway School.


The Principal is first introduced when he is confronted by Ms. Harper, who wishes to keep her job as a teacher so long as she can be her "most authentic self." The Principal and Ms. Daphne mock her and he fires her in order to not "influence the children with this ridiculous behavior," referring to her transitioning.

Immediately after, it is revealed that the Principal is forcing the students to take pills in order to control them so they are unable to leave the school. Enraged, Cry Baby uses her powers to communicate with him through a telephone and begins insulting him. He is then poisoned, although Ms. Daphne orders the Bunny Doctors to cure him, to which they succeed.

Later, the students rush to the Principal's office at Cry Baby's order, tearing each of his limbs off one by one. Cry Baby and her best friend Angelita bury his body together.


  • Fans speculate that The Principal is based on the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, because of Melanie saying there would be a character whose name was a pun on Donald Trump in an interview from before the film was made. It's possible she cut that detail out when she was told she needed to shorten the script to almost half the original runtime to fit the budget.
    • His high-end power position suggests this is the character whose name was going to be a pun on Donald Trump, as well as their similar facial expressions and behavior which was likely an intentional choice on Melanie's part.
    • It is possible that his hatred towards transgender people could be a reference to Donald Trump, and how he banned transgender people from enlisting in the military.
  • The Principal, along with the teachers, rabbit doctors, and nurses represent privileged people who abuse their powers to feed their wealth either through education or healthcare and medicine.
  • In the picture of his family, his wife's face is burned away. This was likely done to further hint at his infidelity and present the idea of a negative relationship with her.



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