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You are reading the page dedicated to the remix EP. You may have been wanting to read about the song with the same name.

"Soap (Remixes)" is the fourth remix extended play by Melanie Martinez, and her fifth overall EP. The EP features 6 remixes of Melanie's 6th track and 2nd single off of her debut album Cry BabySoap. The EP was released on iTunes and Google Play on October 23rd, 2015. Melanie tweeted about the release on Twitter, however, the tweet has since been deleted by a bot that deletes Melanie's tweets once a year.


No. Title Length
1. "Soap (Steve James Remix)" 3:59
2. "Soap (Gladiator Remix)" 3:07
3. "Soap (Stooki Sound Remix)" 4:42
4. "Soap (Luxxury Remix)" 6:38
5. "Soap (Sailors Remix)" 3:41
6. "Soap (Jerome Price Remix)" 4:48

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