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Oliver Tree Nickell is an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California. He was Melanie Martinez's boyfriend. He was included in the October 2019 issue of Alternative Press, which Melanie is the guest editor for.

Relationship with Melanie

The two had been friends for a while, and had multiple interactions over social media predating their relationship.

On September 30th, 2019, he and Melanie posted photos from their upcoming Alternative Press interview together, later confirming they were dating.

In July of 2020, Melanie unfollowed Oliver on Instagram and they both deleted all the photos of them together from their Instagram accounts.


  • Oliver called Melanie his "alien girl" which is likely a reference to his song and extended play, Alien Boy.
  • Oliver voted once on an Instagram poll made by a fan account saying that Melanie is pregnant, due to the fan freaking out over a bad angle of Melanie's stomach in a then-recent picture.
  • As a joke, Oliver asked Melanie to marry him in the last question of his interview with her for the Alternative Press magazine issue.



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