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Ms. Daphne is a character created by Melanie Martinez for her film, K-12. She is portrayed by Anne Wittman.[1] She is a teacher at K-12 Sleepaway School.


Ms. Daphne is one of the teachers at K-12 Sleepaway School. She has a chronic addiction to cocaine and crushed chalk. She likely has a crush on The Principal and is very protective over him. When he is poisoned, she orders the Bunny Doctors to heal him. 


Ms. Daphne is a traditional, strict woman. She is obsessed with the notion of being a lady, and as a result, she doesn't like when women want roles outside of the traditional "pink collar" jobs. She is very conservative, mocking Ms. Harper when she asks to be addressed by her correct gender pronouns and supporting the Principal when he decides to fire her.




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