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Mom is a character created by Melanie Martinez for her debut album, Cry Baby. She is portrayed by Stella Rose Saint Clair in the music videos for Dollhouse, Cry Baby, and Sippy Cup. She is also mentioned and makes a brief appearance in K-12, however, Stella did not reprise her role.


Mom is first mentioned in Dollhouse and appears in the music video, as being told to "wake up," since her husband was out with his mistress. Later, Cry Baby expands on her actions, singing about Mom being an alcoholic as a result of her husband's infidelity. Throughout the song, Cry Baby mentions that people will someday see what "goes down in the kitchen," foreshadowing Mom's actions in Sippy Cup.

In Sippy Cup, Mom is shown distraught and drunken on the floor. Suddenly, her drunk husband stumbles into the house, clutching an unfamiliar woman who is also drunk. They begin to dance in the kitchen as the wife pushes herself to her feet. Finally seeing him cheat before her own eyes, she ties the two up and stabs them to death in her state of drunken anger. When Cry Baby comes downstairs and discovers the bodies, Mom catches her with chloroform, chains her to her bed, and forces her to drink a mysterious substance that immediately knocks her out, erasing her memories of the events that just happened.

In the music video for Cry Baby, Mom is shown to be smoker, making her son light her cigarette after her daughter's birth, foreshadowing the addiction he would have later in life. The nurse informs Mom that the baby is female, and she quickly gets a headache due to the loud crying, calling her a 'crybaby'; This comment prompts Brother to write "Cry Baby" on the birth certificate. As Cry Baby grows, Mom is continuously shown to drink wine bottles while feeding her daughter.

In K-12, Mom is mentioned by Cry Baby, who complains about how she can't drive her to the bus since she is passed out. She later appears when Angelita forces Cry Baby to call her, where she is seen lying unconscious on the living room floor.


  • Fans used to think that she killed Cry Baby at the end of the music video for Sippy Cup, but in a Q&A, Melanie confirmed that the theory was false.[citation needed]
  • Stella didn't reprise her role because her and Melanie are no longer friends because of the 2017 allegations.



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