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Miss Victoria is a substitute teacher at K-12 Sleepaway School. She was created by Melanie Martinez for the K-12 Tour.


Miss Victoria is shown during the interludes of the K-12 Tour; she "teaches" the fans classes while the crew changes the setup and Melanie and the dancers change outfits.

Since her eyes turn black, it is assumed that Miss Victoria is an empath guided by Lilith rather than a follower of the school's oppressive system.


  1. Bus Etiquette (segue into Wheels On the Bus
  2. Community Over Competition (segue into The Principal)
  3. Finding Validation Within Yourself (segue into Nurse's Office)
  4. Trust How You Feel (segue into Strawberry Shortcake)
  5. Protecting Your Energy (segue into Lunchbox Friends)
  6. Appreciating Your Vessel (segue into Orange Juice)
  7. Self Love/Self Worth (segue into High School Sweethearts)



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