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Michael Keenan Leary is an American songwriter and producer. He is known for his work with acts such as Skizzy Mars, Melanie Martinez, and Phoebe Ryan.

He presumably met Melanie at a studio session in April of 2014 where "Pacify Her" was written. Following this, they became close and worked on many more songs throughout the years. They began dating around 2015–2016, but split up sometime in 2017–2018. He and Melanie still remain as close friends.


Michael was born in Massachusetts on April 10th, 1989. His family is originally from New York. He began to play the drums in third grade and traveled to Albany to be apart of the Empire State Youth Orchestra. Eventually, he did not want to do classical drumming and moved his interests into producing music.

After school, Michael moved to Brooklyn and then Manhattan shortly after to work on music. Once out of school, he focused all of his efforts on music production and creating beats that artists would want.

Work with Melanie Martinez

He has worked with Melanie Martinez on the following song(s):

Songs from Cry Baby (2015):

Songs from K-12 (2019):

Songs from After School (2020):

Songs that are stand-alone singles:

Songs currently unreleased:



  • Melanie calls him Mikey.
  • In 2015, he stated that one of his favorite songs by Melanie was "Soap".[1]
  • In late summer 2018, Melanie deleted many of the photos associated with Michael on Instagram.
  • On December 9th, 2020, Melanie stopped following him on Instagram.
    • On January 23rd, 2021, she re-followed him on Instagram.
    • It is still unknown why he was unfollowed.