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Little Girl is a character created by Melanie Martinez for the Dollhouse music video. She is portrayed by Jessica Cherniak.

Feartured Act Synposis

In the music video for "Dollhouse", Little is shown playing with a playset of dolls unaware that the fantasy lives she created for them are entirely false: the husband cheats on his wife, who turns to drugs in an attempt to forget his infidelity, their son smokes cannabis, and the daughter, the girl's favorite doll, dreams of escaping her family.

Later on in the video, the little girl is turned into a doll so that she can understand the doll's lives. The girl stops playing with the dolls soon after.


The dolls in the house are metaphors for the family of Melanie's alter ego, Cry Baby. The girl herself is a metaphor for the people who are unaware of Cry Baby's sad home life and how Cry Baby wishes they would understand her.



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