Various songs were recorded for Melanie Martinez's various projects over the years. Some were posted on Melanie's YouTube channel, then private/deleted. Others were cut from albums for various reasons; whether the songs did not match their respective album's theme, the standards were not met, or Melanie just disliked them. This is a comprehensive list of all the songs currently known.

Some are snippets of songs on Melanie's upcoming sophomore album, K-12.

This list also includes unreleased, possibly older songs that may or may not have been intended for formal release at all. Additional information can be found on the songs' pages.


  • Bold typing indicates that the song, snippets of the song, or lyrics have been leaked/posted/performed at some point.
  • Italic typing indicates that the song was intended for one of Melanie's studio albums or EPs but was scrapped.
  • Underlined typing indicates that the song's full studio version has been leaked.
  • Strikethrough indicates that the song was once posted on her YouTube channel, but has since been removed and is currently remains unleaked and lost.

Unreleased Songs


  • Soap replaced Haunted, Tag, You're It replaced Jump Rope, and Play Date replaced Half Hearted at the last moment.
  • Acoustic songs such as A Million Men, Bones Are Blue, Dear Porcupines, Intervals, Race, Rough Love and The One had their studio sessions leaked, not their official studio versions.
    • Other songs such as Alone, Curly Cue, I Love My Ride, Milky Way, Oh, Carousel, Run and Smoke have not had either their studio sessions or studio versions leaked.
    • Currently, the only acoustic song with a leaked studio version is I Think I'm Crazy.
  • A Thousand Words, Dear Porcupines, Drama Club, I Scream, Unhappy Meal, and Where Do Babies Come From? are the only known explicit unreleased songs so far.
    • Although Dear Porcupines is explicit, Melanie usually performed the song without the swear words.
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