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"Full of facades and chaotic behavior,"
This page includes information that may be potentially false or misleading. Although the following data has been carefully gathered, the information on this page are not fully confirmed by a primary source, it is heavily disputed.

Various song titles have been confirmed only by reliable insiders and sources without proof. The following is a list of titles that have not leaked and are not registered on song repertoires.


  1. Animal Crackers | Melanie Martinez & Jennifer Decilveo
  2. Bike Ride | Melanie Martinez
  3. Bubble Boy | Melanie Martinez
  4. Cherub | Melanie Martinez
  5. Croquet | Melanie Martinez
  6. Forget Me Not | Melanie Martinez
  7. Headphones | Melanie Martinez
  8. Hearts For You Hunny | Melanie Martinez
  9. Lost & Found | Melanie Martinez & Michael Keenan
  10. Memories | Melanie Martinez
  11. Pen Pal | Melanie Martinez
  12. Shadow Puppets | Melanie Martinez & Jennifer Decilveo
  13. Sophomore | Melanie Martinez
  14. Toy Chest | Melanie Martinez
  15. Valerie | Melanie Martinez
  16. Whisper | Melanie Martinez


  • In 2015, a fan asked on Tumblr what titles Melanie considered naming her debut album. Melanie responded that some of the original album titles were "Animal Crackers", "Coloring Book" and "Toy Chest". Since "Coloring Book" is a real song, "Animal Crackers" and "Toy Chest" could potentially be real songs as well.
    • On May 14th, 2021, "Animal Crackers" was confirmed by an insider on SoundCloud, along with "Seesaw" and "Shadow Puppets". "Seesaw" later leaked.
    • It is rumored "Animal Crackers" samples "Animal Crackers in My Soup" by Shirley Temple since Melanie said she was inspired by this song.
  • "Lost & Found" was mentioned by many reliable insiders on Discord. It is said to be an After School outtake.
  • Another reliable insider confirmed the titles "Bike Ride", "Cherub", "Forget Me Not", "Headphones", "Hearts For You Hunny", "Pen Pal", "Sophomore", and "Whisper". All of these titles were supposedly on a list sent to an unknown producer and are all confirmed to be K-12 outtakes from late 2015-early 2016. The list had 9 titles including "Zippers" which was the old title for "Glue Stick"
    • "Hearts For You Hunny" was said to be made around Valentine’s Day.
    • In the list that was sent to an unknown producer, "Whisper" and "Cherub" were written as "Whispner" and "Cherub Idea"
  • "Bubble Boy", "Croquet", "Memories" and "Valerie" were confirmed by a reliable insider on Discord. They were said to be pre-Cry Baby and Cry Baby songs.
    • "Croquet" and "Valerie" were later reconfirmed by another reliable insider on Discord. It was stated that "Valerie" is thematically similar to "A Million Men" and is a rough concept demo.