This is a list of songs that Melanie Martinez has covered before. This includes live performances, livestreams, videos from her YouTube channel, performances from The Voice, Instagram stories and covers that have not yet been found.


  • Bold typing indicates that the full cover or snippets of the cover have been leaked, posted, performed, released, or resurfaced at some point.
  • Italic typing indicates that the cover was intended for one of Melanie's studio albums or EPs but was scrapped.
  • Strikethrough typing indicates that the cover was once uploaded to Melanie's YouTube page, but has since been removed, and the cover currently remains lost or unpublished, as no other recordings are available. It also applies to covers that were posted on other social accounts or performed at some point, but had the same fate.
  • s indicates that the song is a studio cover.

List of Covers

The Voice Covers

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