Lime Crime is a cruelty-free/vegan makeup company from Los Angeles, dedicated to helping people express their personality through makeup. Melanie Martinez has collaborated with them twice.


Lime Crime was created by Doe Deere with a couple hundred dollars.


Cry Baby Lipstick Collaboration

In July of 2015, Melanie Martinez announced that she was collaborating with makeup brand Lime Crime to create a lipstick to coincide with the release of her debut album, Cry Baby. The lipstick is named after her debut album and is part of the the 'Unicorn Lipstick' line offered by Lime Crime. The color of the lipstick is a cross between a cerulean and a baby blue. The lipstick was included as part of the Ultimate Cry Baby bundle during pre-orders on Melanie's website for her album.

Melanie and Doe Deere each had this to say about the collaboration:

"Cry Baby lipstick coincides with the release of my new album by the same name. It is inspired by the color of a cartoon tear! I wanted it to be playful and electric, but still comfortable enough to wear. I chose to collaborate with Lime Crime because the brand stands for expressing yourself through the art of makeup, being comfortable with who you are and celebrating being different. I cannot wait for all my Cry Babies out there to try this magical lipstick on and feel comfortable in it, but still get heads to turn!" -Melanie Martinez

"Melanie loves to accentuate her signature pout with fun lip colors. When we set out to create Cry Baby, we knew it had to be as unique as Melanie herself. The result is a sensational shade of blue that is unlike any other: it has vibrancy and depth, and looks fantastic across a multitude of skin tones. I'm a big fan of Melanie as an artist, this collaboration is like a dream come true. I am certain the Cry Baby lipstick will be a coveted collectible for both, Lime Crime and Melanie Martinez fans alike." -Doe Deere, Lime Crime Founder & CEO

This lipstick was later discontinued in 2016.

Teddy Bear Lipstick Collaboration

Following their previous collaboration, Melanie and Lime Crime worked on a second lipstick together. In 2016, they released the Teddy Bear Lipstick, named after a deluxe song from Cry Baby, Teddy Bear. It is a part of the company's 'Matte Velvetines' collection. The lipstick's color is described as a warm lilac brown.


Lime Crime has been accused of sabotaging their customers by knowing that their website security was about to expire, but choosing to do nothing about it in order to save money, not caring about their customer's private information.

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