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Lilith is a character created by Melanie Martinez for her film, K-12. She is portrayed by Kimesha Campbell. She helps to guide Cry Baby and Angelita through their time at K-12 Sleepaway School.


Lilith is first mentioned at the beginning of K-12, when Cry Baby remembers a vivid dream she had, where her teeth were being sucked out of their sockets and the gap between her front two teeth widened.

When the nurses attempt to keep Cry Baby and Angelita restrained and tied down, Lilith appears and frees them. She then attacks the nurses and Bunny Doctors. They beg to come with her when she is about to leave, however, she gently rejects them, explaining that everything is temporary and that they have a purpose for being there. Later Crybaby can be seen in a rose field laying down and begging Lilith to take her with her. Lilith begins telling her that her greatest power will be acceptance and everything will soon be better .After the school disappears, Lilith appears with the gate to return home.

Powers and Abilities

As an empath and spirit guide, Lilith is shown to have magic/psychic powers. As she appears in K-12 as a "superior entity", it is assumed that she holds more powerful abilities than the others empaths. Below is a list of powers that Lilith has displayed thus far:

  • Telekinesis: Like all Empaths, Lilith can influence and manipulate people and objects with the power of her mind. At the end of Nurse's Office, Lilith raises her arms and makes the nurses and the Bunny Doctors faint, then frees Cry Baby and Angelita.
  • Portal Generation: In all her appearances, Lilith appears coming out of a large portal shaped like a pink doorway. Nothing on the other side of the portal can be seen, as only a bright white light is shown. These doors can be raised randomly from the ground.


  • Ghost Girl's line is mislabeled under Lilith's name in the film's subtitles.


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