K-12 Sleepaway School is a location created by Melanie Martinez for her film, K-12. It was a boarding school that Cry Baby attended, before it was most likely destroyed by Cry Baby and Ben's powers.


K-12 Sleepaway School was run by the Principal, who was later dismembered by the school's students, and seems to have existed for at least 150 years, as the banner at the dance reads "150th School Dance". After the Principal's death, his son Leo took his place. The school was most likely destroyed by Ben and Cry Baby after the school dance, by trapping it in a bubble and causing it to disappear. The only characters who didn't leave (or were not seen leaving) the school were Kelly, Leo, as well as the teachers, nurses, and security personnel; their fates remain unknown.



The girls uniform is made up of a pink pleated dress with a silk heart that features "K-12" embroidered onto it around the torso area, and also white puffy sleeves made out of tulle.

  • You can buy a replica at Melanie's official merchandise store.


The boys uniform is made up of a beige shirt with blue ruffles around the collar and sleeves, and a silk heart that features "K-12" embroidered onto it around the torso area. Along with blue flowers brocaded pants.

Cry Baby

Cry Baby's uniform is basically made up just like all the other girls, but dyed a pastel purple and with tiny flowers patched onto the puffy sleeves.


Former Staff


  • The school's real-life location is the Esterházy Palace in Fertõd, Hungary.
    • The "grand staircase", "ballroom", "Counsellor's Office" and "Principal's Office" are located at the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library in Budapest, Hungary.
    • The auditorium featured in Drama Club is located at the Danube Palace in Budapest, Hungary.
    • The pool featured in Strawberry Shortcake is located at Gellert Spa and Bath in Budapest, Hungary.
    • The glass compartment featured in Detention is located at the Raday Castle in Pécel, Hungary.
    • The dome room featured in Nurses Office is located in Tozsdepalota exchange palace, Hungary.
  • Despite the name implying the school spans from kindergarten to twelfth grade, there is no sign of kindergarten classes, with Cry Baby and Angelita both starting in first grade. 
  • The number for Cry Baby and Angelita's first-grade classroom is "222", which is one of Melanie's lucky numbers.
  • It is shown in the film that the school is haunted, as several spirits and ghosts appeared in multiple scenes throughout the film.



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