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"K-12" is a theatrical film released on September 6th, 2019,[2] directed and written by Melanie Martinez.


Melanie began writing the script in the summer of 2017 and finished it in February of 2018. The script was then cut down and sent in during mid-2018,[3] with filming taking place in Europe throughout late 2018. The film was edited in early 2019.

On May 15th, 2019, Melanie released a 19-second teaser trailer, revealing the official title of the album and film, K-12.[4] Exactly one week later, on May 22nd, a second teaser was released. On May 29th, the third teaser was released, revealing the release date. On June 17th, a preview featuring clips of the movie and a snippet of a new song was premiered at the MTV Movie Awards.

The film's official trailer was released alongside the album tracklist and pre-order on July 23rd, 2019.

The film portrays the story of Melanie's sophomore album. It contains all thirteen of the music videos, with dialogue in between each one,[5] making it an hour and a half long.[6] The videos themselves will also each be individually released once every two weeks.[7]


A brave-hearted girl and her charming best friend make a bewitching pair as they embark on a mission to take down the oppressive schooling system of K-12.

Cry Baby, a strong and sensitive girl, is sent off to a disturbing sleepaway school that's hidden underneath a grandiose façade. Luckily, she has a sweet and unapologetic best friend who sticks up for her when she gets bullied by the other students whose brains are under control by the Principal and his wicked staff. With the help of the magical friends they meet along the way, as well as an Angelic Spirit Guide, they are able to gain the strength they need to fight off the school's belligerent patriarchal conditioning.


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Cry Baby, a strong and sensitive girl, and her best friend Angelita, both attend a school called K-12 Sleepaway School. They travel in a crazy bus until they reach the institution. (Wheels on the Bus) A mean girl named Kelly becomes jealous of Cry Baby because she has been flirting with Kelly's boyfriend Brandon, so she writes a disturbing letter for Cry Baby saying "You at Recess" accompanied by a stick person and a tombstone. At naptime, Cry Baby shows Angelita the letter. Cry Baby expresses her worries that she has no chance at winning since she doesn't know how to fight, to which Angelita suggests that she uses her powers. Cry Baby refuses, stating that it would be cheating. At recess, Kelly begins punching Cry Baby, until Cry Baby levitates and attempts to strangle Kelly with her braids. As this is happening, a teacher named Miss Daphne sees what is happening and stops the fight. (Class Fight)

At the principal's office, the principal fires Ms. Harper because he doesn't support her male-to-female transition. After, Cry Baby finds out from Thomas that the Principal is also forcing the students to take pills so he can control them and they are unable to leave. She uses her powers to call him on the phone and she insults him, calling him out on everything he has done wrong. He is poisoned, until the Bunny Doctors cure him. (The Principal)

Cry Baby becomes a puppet to entertain the students during show and tell until Ms. Penelope drops her, causing blood to drip from her nose. (Show & Tell) At the nurse's office, Angelita turns Cry Baby back into a human. The nurses attempt to keep them restrained and under control until an angelic spirit guide named Lilith frees Cry Baby and Angelita. She attacks the nurses and Bunny Doctors. (Nurse's Office) In drama class, Cry Baby expresses her discomfort in being placed in a "domestic" role in the school play, instead wishing to play a strong role such as a film director or the President of the United States. The drama teacher, Mr. Cornwell, dismisses her concerns and calls in the guards to capture her when she attempts to leave. Cry Baby is forced to play the role she was assigned anyways, although the events take a turn when she presses a hot clothes iron to another student's face. She then warns the students in the auditorium that they are being brainwashed, and uses her powers to defeat the guards and free the students. The students rush to the principal's office at Cry Baby's order and begin tearing him apart, killing him. (Drama Club) Cry Baby and Angelita bury the body, then leave to play tennis with their friend Celeste. Due to a bubble blown by Cry Baby, the tennis ball floats to a boy named Ben.

Later on, Cry Baby is seen is a locker room preparing herself for swimming class. The film switches between scenes of her dancing with the other girls in her class and wearing a dress with a large skirt made of cake. She has a look of distress on her face as several boys begin to eat the cake. (Strawberry Shortcake) Cry Baby then has a dream in which she is speaking to Lilith, telling her that she doesn't want to be part of this world. Cry Baby and Celeste notice that Angelita's skirt is stained with blood after she complains about "the worst stomach pain [she has] ever experienced". The three rush to the bathroom to cover it. At lunchtime, a friend of Kelly invites Cry Baby to eat with them. However, she refuses, stating that it "isn't the life for [her]". Cry Baby then meets a girl named Magnolia. (Lunchbox Friends)

The group of friends discover that Fleur, a friend of Kelly, has the same abilities as them, and they set up a food fight in an attempt to separate her from the group. After seeing that Fleur is leaving with Kelly, Cry Baby follows her to the bathroom, where she realizes that Fleur is bulimic, likely partially due to pressure from Kelly to maintain a specific figure in order to remain friends with her. She tells Fleur that "everyone is deserving of love", and the two become friends. (Orange Juice) Leo, the Principal's son, stops the food fight and asks who is responsible for the situation. Kelly informs him that Cry Baby was the one who started it, resulting in her being sent to detention. She is brainwashed by the needle given to her by a nurse, until she is set free by Leo. (Detention)

Ben slips a note into Cry Baby's locker, which contains an anonymous poem confessing his feelings to her. Leo then checks the security footage to see Cry Baby and her friends discussing a plan to take him down. In biology class, the teacher flirts with Angelita, who is flattered by his advances. The teacher uses his relationship with Angelita to trick her into ingesting a potion that causes her to shrink. Just as he is about to cut her open, Cry Baby enters the room and uses her abilities to throw him into the wall. She turns Angelita back to her normal size, and the latter attacks the teacher with a knife, killing him. (Teacher's Pet) After a conversation with Angelita about their past lives and marijuana, Cry Baby sings about the requirements one must meet to be with her. (High School Sweethearts)

Ben is preparing to ask Cry Baby to the school dance when Leo bumps into him. He watches from behind a wall as Leo asks Cry Baby to the dance, to which she accepts, while thinking "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". He claims to be the one who wrote the note. At the dance, Cry Baby realizes that she had messed up the plan to escape the school by accepting Leo's offer. Her friends express disappointment in her, and she storms off to the bathroom. She looks in the mirror after ranting to herself about how she screwed up and Lilith appears, telling her "Don't beat yourself up". Leo makes an announcement to the students that he knew what Cry Baby had been planning, and forces all of the students to dance for hours. Cry Baby, who is disguised as a woman named Lorelai, locks Leo in a closet and frees everyone from the spell. She warns the students to leave the school, and all except Kelly flee downstairs to the exit. (Recess)

Cry Baby then meets Ben, who confesses to her that he was the one who put the note in her locker. Together, they create a plan to use a bubble to make the school float away and disappear. Once this is done, they both jump out of the balcony to escape. After the school disappears, Cry Baby kisses Ben on the cheek. Lilith appears again with the gate to return home. Magnolia, Fleur, Celeste, and Ben are the first ones to go. As Angelita is about to leave, she stops and asks Cry Baby if she's coming or not. Cry Baby looks back in shock, hinting at a sequel.



  • Alice Gorst
  • Lorna Brown
  • Judit Kalo
  • Natasa Podlovics
  • Dora Paulov
  • Cintia Staudinger
  • Amata Farkas
  • Nikolett Szabo
  • Abel Indrei
  • Niki Krauczy
  • Vivien Varga
  • Jozsef Horvath
  • Keoni Hayles
  • Nara Narantsatral
  • Devon Young
  • Alishia Blake
  • Daniela Monterio
  • Olivia Lewis
  • Dreya Mac
  • Kailum Richardson
  • Levan Peart
  • Sian Langley
  • Rebecca Moffett
  • Nicole Valverde
  • Asha Verma
  • Tamas Fischer
  • Gemma Nicholas
  • Olivia Higham
  • Angel Wharmby
  • Lillia Radoci

Synchronized Swimmers

  • Lili Baraksó
  • Adél Fodor
  • Réka Laszló
  • Zsófiá Laszló
  • Kinga Mészáros
  • Natália Szappanos-Nagy
  • Sára Tringer



  • As Wheels on the Bus begins, the view cuts to the bus driving away. At this point, a cameraman can be seen in a window.
  • When Brandon came into the bus, Cry Baby stands up and looks at him. When Kelly catches them and gets angry, Cry Baby was sitting on the seat which is in front of Angelita and hers. When Brandon looks at Kelly, he pushes Cry Baby, standing in front of him, to the seat mentioned in the previous sentence.
  • When Angelita and Cry Baby get off the bus, Cry Baby is on the left and Angelita is on the right. However, when the angle changes, they have switched positions.
  • At the beginning of Show & Tell, one of Cry Baby's female classmates raises her head twice: first when the door first opens, then in sync with the rest of the students.
  • In Nurse's Office, when Lilith appears and the nurses turn around, one of them on the right is showing their hands on the front while the rest have their hands on their backs.
  • Some of the nurses that were killed by Lilith in Nurse's Office reappeared during Drama Club.
  • During Teacher's Pet, the Biology Teacher throws the sheet of stickers out after putting a gold star on Angelita's test; however, he is seen holding the sheet again in a later shot.


On May 29th, 2019, Melanie did a Q&A regarding the album and film on her Instagram story. Questions about the film can be found below.


  • The film is inspired by pop surrealism.
  • The film was #2 on YouTube trending on September 8th, 2019, two days after its release.
  • Melanie helped edit the movie.
  • The movie was filmed at the Eszterháza in Fertőd, Hungary.
  • According to Melanie, she had to be on set at 3 am. She started the day with hair and makeup.
  • Melanie's tattoos were covered up with an air brush to "separate [her] as a human and Cry Baby as a character".
  • The film was originally meant to be 3 hours long, however, it had to be cut down for budget reasons.
    • The original film had an $11 million budget.
  • There are two name typos in the dancer section of the credits; Gemma Nicholas' name did not have a space and Abel Indrei was mentioned twice.
  • Melanie confirmed that the film will have a sequel.[8]
  • During the filming of the Class Fight scene where Angelita has fire in her hand, a pillow caught on fire.
  • According to Natalia Toth, the temperature on set was extremely low, getting to -15°C, because it was winter in Budapest.[9]


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