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Jasmine Adams known professionally as Jazmin Bean, is a non-binary British singer-songwriter and makeup artist. They are popularly known for their bold makeup looks, their whimsical and surrealistic visuals on social media and for being the founder of the makeup brand Cult Candy Cosmetics.

Personal Life

Jazmin identifies as non-binary and uses "they/them" pronouns. When Jazmin was 11-12 years old, inspired by dolls, they began experimenting with makeup, transforming their face and physical appearance. They began getting into drag culture but shortly after grew bored of it. They were inspired by Japanese pop culture and mythological creatures and they began to transform them self into their favorite creatures by facing the mirror. Jazmin explains that their love of mythology began as a game.


  • In a live stream, Jazmin stated that they love Melanie as an artist, but they believe she hasn't been nice to them.[1]
    • After this, Jazmin deleted the photo with Melanie that they had posted. Later on they both un-followed each other on Instagram, and fans came to the conclusion they weren't friends anymore.
    • On September 26th, 2020, Jazmin re-followed Melanie. Later that day, Melanie re-followed them back and Jazmin posted their photo together back up on Instagram. Later that day, they put one of Melanie's recent posts marking The Bakery music video release date on their Instagram story.[2] It is assumed they resolved their conflict and are now friends again.
  • On November 10th, 2020, Melanie shared Brian Zuniga's post of their and Jazmin's music video for their song "Princess Castle". [3]
  • Jazmin viewed Melanie's first Instagram live stream.
  • Jazmin watched the Can't Wait Till I'm Out of K-12 concert on December 23rd, 2020, sharing a short video of the Play Date performance to their Instagram story.
  • When they were younger they performed an short cover of Where Do Babies Come From?.[4]



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