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"History" is an unreleased song by Melanie Martinez. It was intended to be on her fourth extended play (EP), After School, however it was later scrapped. This song has not been performed live or officially released.

The full song was leaked on May 16th, 2021.

Leak History

  • May 16th, 2021 - A snippet of the song is leaked via Dbree.
  • May 16th, 2021 (later) - The full song is leaked via SoundCloud.


[Verse 1]
History, yeah, there's a lot between you and me
My brain is scrolling like a wheel of fortune
Landing on the most pleasant of memories
More sugar please
Hard to let go
We got so high together, dropped real low
We fucked it up so many times, rewind
Can we just go back to when we had dropped the ball?

I just wanted you to love and caress me like a damn queen
After all, I gave you a throne, and my blood is hella fancy
Step up at your game and just pull down my panties
Pillow fight, then pillow talk, then eat a bunch of candy

Yes, my candy and your candy
So I like you 'cause you're nasty
Not afraid of letting go, and that is why we make a great team
Fuck all the drama, ain't good for our esteem
Let's delete all the negatives until we're finally clean

History, we're so afraid of fucking repeating the same mistakes
It feels like fate when it is great, but then we bring about the hate
And fall right off the swing, oh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh

[Verse 2]
Buckle up, if you weren't ready, why did you sign up?
Don't be a ballsack, be a pussy
Strong and unbreakable since humans came about
Can we stop throwing tantrums at each other?
Playing ping-pong with our hearts, it's a bummer
I am right here, don't give up on me, lover
Promise you there's good shit to discover


Pour a watering can right up above me
And tell me you love me, tell me you love me
Tell me you love me
Turn all the leaves, you would kill them to fresh greens
Turn them to fresh greens
Red, yellow and pink

History, we'll probably still be back and forth 'til we
Just let the past be in the past and find the love within ourselves
Like we're supposed to be


  • This is the first After School outtake to leak.
    • This is the first unreleased Melanie song produced by Michael Keenan that has leaked.
  • As with many other unreleased songs, most snippets of the song that are uploaded on YouTube, SoundCloud or other similar content-sharing websites may be taken down.


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