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Within reality, an Empath is known as a person who is able to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. Empaths can greatly be found under the zodiac sign Cancer or under the Lifepath 11. Melanie Martinez depicts Empaths in her work as people with magical abilities, recognizing "softness" as a superpower. The following is a description of Empaths within the Cry Baby Universe, and not reality.

Empaths can be found in all of Martinez's work within the Cry Baby universe.


  • Most Empaths do not like to take advantage of their skills for their own benefit.
  • There are most likely different types or stages of Empaths, but it is unknown.
    • An example is the Empath, Lilith. Lilith is superior to other Empaths as shown in K-12.
      • Lilith is both a Spirit and an Empath.
  • When an Empath uses their abilities, their eyes become tinted black.

Known Abilities

Known Empaths


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