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Emma Harvey, professionally known as Yungelita or Elita Harkov, is a Canadian Instagram model, singer and actress. She is a friend of Melanie Martinez. Elita appeared in the Tag, You're It music video as the Cashier.[3] She later reprised the same role in the music video for Mad Hatter. She also appeared in Melanie's film K-12 as Cry Baby's best friend, Angelita.


  • She received the Cry Baby Perfume Milk earlier than most people due to being one of Melanie's friends.
    • She later sold her perfume on her Depop.[4]
  • Melanie stated on Twitter that Elita is one of her best friends.[5] This tweet has since been deleted by a bot that deletes all of Melanie's tweets after a year.
  • She used to be addicted to Xanax and weed, but she has been sober for 4 years now.
  • Her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • She had a fashion blog with her friend, called Wolf & Harkov, it can still be seen here.
  • She collects knives.
  • Her dream destination is Paris.
  • Elita is the second person to play two roles in Melanie's visual media, the first being Melanie herself.
  • Elita released her debut single I Hate Everyone but You on July 12, 2018 on Spotify.[6]
    • Her debut extended play (EP), Sick Girl, was released on June 21, 2019.[7]
    • On May 1st, 2020 she released her second extended play (EP), Blood Sucker.[8]
    • On August 10, 2021, Elita released the single So Wet.[9]
    • Elita's new extended play (EP), Anxiety Angel, is coming fall 2021.[10]