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"Dollhouse" is the debut EP by Melanie Martinez. It was released on May 19th, 2014. The EP was primarily produced and co-written by Kinetics & One Love.


The extended play was originally titled "The Dollhouse"[1][2] though was shortened to simply "Dollhouse" through conceptualization.

Following the release of the EP, the Dollhouse Tour began. The tour was centered around the EP, along with other songs that were supposed to be on Cry Baby. Two additional legs of the tour were later added. After the third leg, she was the opening act for Lindsey Stirling's Music Box Tour.


The EP tells the story of a girl dealing with her family and boyfriend, which doesn't turn out the way she wants it to. The first song, "Dollhouse", sets the backstory of the main character, who lives in a dysfunctional family that hides under an outwardly "perfect look". The EP explores mature subjects that are disguised under innocent themes. "Carousel" uses a carnival and carousel to express the state of loving someone while being trapped in a one-sided relationship, where the love interest is unattainable. "Dead To Me" is the aftermath of "Carousel", showing Melanie trying to get rid of that person from her life by figuratively killing them and forgetting about them. "Bittersweet Tragedy" sums up their relationship, where the sweet moments constantly overshadowed the dysfunction.


There was a limited edition vinyl version of the EP that was released for "Record Store Day". It is colored half pastel pink, half baby blue and the cover has pictures of paper houses on it. It comes with a digital download of the EP. It was also available for sale on Melanie's website. The design of the vinyl is self-described by Melanie as "a light blue cookie dipped in strawberry frosting".


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Dollhouse" Melanie Martinez, Kinetics & One Love One Love 3:51
2. "Carousel" Martinez, Kinetics & One Love One Love 3:50
3. "Dead To Me" Martinez, Kinetics & One Love One Love 3:30
4. "Bittersweet Tragedy" Martinez, Daniel Omelio Robopop 4:48


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  • The cover art and track list photos were finalized on May 2nd, 2014.
    • The EP's cover was also shot by Melanie herself.
  • This EP likely doesn't have any specific outtakes because these songs most likely were just a couple songs scooped up from Cry Baby because this was just to tease the album of Cry Baby .
  • The EP was not available in most countries outside of North America, which prompted Melanie to release Pity Party as an international edition of Dollhouse.
    • However, as of May 6th, 2020, the EP is available digitally in countries outside of North America.
  • The Pity Party EP tracklist is almost exactly the same, except "Pity Party" replaced "Carousel" and "Dollhouse" became the second track.
  • Melanie's favorite song on this EP is "Carousel" because "it is a great example of what the vibe for my album is like. Each song is a childhood theme paired with a more mature and honest subject."
  • The EP was mixed and mastered for the last time on April 8th, 2014.[3]
    • This likely didn't include "Bittersweet Tragedy" as it was produced by Robopop not One Love.
  • Only 3,000 copies of the vinyl were made.
  • The CDs of this EP are out of stock on Melanie's website. However, the digital version is still available here.
  • This EP does not have a clean version despite "Bittersweet Tragedy" and "Dead To Me" having the word 'shit' in them.
  • The walls in the "Milk and Cookies" music video look similar to the background of the EP’s cover.
  • The doll on the back of the physical copies is a vintage Kewpie Doll.
  • Dollhouse peaked at number four on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart.
  • The EP was released almost 1 month after Melanie had signed in to Atlantic Records.



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