Brother was a character created by Melanie Martinez, specifically for her debut album, Cry Baby. He is portrayed by Edwin Zabala in Dollhouse and Ian Volandt in Cry Baby.


Brother is first mentioned in Dollhouse, as part of Cry Baby's family. Cry Baby mentions that he is "smoking cannabis", indicating he has a marijuana addiction. In the music video, he is seen smoking and keeping marijuana plants in his room.

Brother appears in the music video for Cry Baby as a young boy. He lights his Mom's cigarette, which foreshadows his smoking addictions later as a teenager in Dollhouse. It is also shown that he is the reason why Cry Baby was given her name, as he wrote it down on the birth certificate when his mother groaned about his sister being a "crybaby".

Brother is older than Cry Baby. He is portrayed as both a young boy and an older teen.


  • Although only being mentioned once on the album, he appears two times in the music videos.


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