Blue Boy is a character created by Melanie Martinez for her debut album, Cry Baby. Two other blue boys also appeared in her film, K-12, where they are students at K-12 Sleepaway School . He is portrayed by Lucas Mogerley in Pacify Her.


Blue Boy is upset by his current relationship with Basic Bitch. They're not really in love; he's just dating her for her looks. Blue Boy falls for Cry Baby in the music video for Pacify Her, and Basic Bitch and Cry Baby begin to fight over him. Ultimately, Basic Bitch shows her breasts to him, wins and leaves with Blue Boy.


  • Lucas confirmed on his Instagram story that he would not be playing Blue Boy in any future Melanie Martinez projects.
  • According to K-12 credits, there are two Blue Boys in the movie.
  • The correlation between the Blue Boy in Pacify Her and the blue boys in K-12 is unknown.



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