• Snowchu

    Possible Songs

    August 6, 2020 by Snowchu

    1- Try

    Melanie on her StageIt Show played Thriller instead of Try, it's unknown if Try is a cover or a original song.

    2- 12th Unknown Song 

    In the Mrs. Potato Head music video, when Cry Baby is in the bathroom, a song can be faintly heard on the radio. It is unclear whether it is an unreleased song by Melanie herself, or an actual song by another artist due to how quiet it is. 

    3- Circus, Cycling Club and Marathon

    Due to the EP's name being revealed on the screen during the K-12 Tour, many fans believe that the words on the posters that were added in the V.I.P. exhibit could be song titles.

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  • Unicornqueen124377

    hewo! i wanted to talk about this sonsg because they are soo amazing!! i really want them to get realeased because they are soo good! but i now melanie has to keep the track and timeline of Cry baby's story , lets talk about unhappy meal , its a really good song!! i love the term that it talks about we are not happy always , also bombs on monday wich talks about the Nagasaki tragedy in Japan , they are both really good songs!! and i really love them , they are soo much unrealeased songs! imagine that melanie realeases them , it would be like a 200 songs album! i really want them to get realeases !! what is your favourite unrealeased song?[1]

    hope you like …

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  • Everglowww


    August 1, 2020 by Everglowww

     idk what I'm doing lol 

    Everglowww (talk) 18:18, August 1, 2020 (UTC)

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  • Unicornqueen124377

    Hi! its me again , i want to have whole post of this song cause this song has a very good message , this song talks about you dont have to be beautiful to be loved! we are all unique and beautiful and powerful! you just have to find you inner beauty , you dont need any surgery to be loved , just be yourself , mrs potato head song is about you dont have to be beautiful to be loved , cause if someone loves you , he will love you for who you are ,this is a message fr everyone out there who has this problems , you are not alone!! 

    rember :"everyone deserves love"- Crybaby

    P.D : here is a drawing i did yesterday 

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  • Unicornqueen124377

    ok , so we all love melanie , but why? you will say : its because she is different . But , why is she different , why she makes us feel like this ? well she writes songs wich we can learn and agree with , some situations we have lived and thats what makes us happy we can feel conected with her , also we feel conected with crybaby and in k-12 its like a whole movie! her songs talk about real problems that we all have or we can learn thats the reason why i love her , what is yours?

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  • CrybabyandAngelita

    1-3, 1 meaning most favorite.

    1: Orange Juice I love this song so much because the song teaches a valuable lesson about Bulimia and Mel's wig used for the music video is the best

    2: Recess I really like this song because it's calming. It sounds like garden music. The lyrics have to do with doing what you're told.

    3: Detention The lyrics are great and I love the beat. I really really like this song, and a lot of other people like it too.

    1: Pacify Her This song is really catchy, and the music video makes it sound better. I like what Melanie did there, naming the song a homophone of pacifier. (As said in the Pacify Her page,

    2: Crybaby Again, this song is really catchy, but I don't reall…

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  • Snowchu

    never change:

    smoke: (leaked)


    i will follow you into the dark:

    kids: (audio leaked)

    the way i am:

    you belong to me:

    play it again, sam! you don't have any feathers:

    story of an insomaniac:

    joy of the lord:

    misguided ghosts: (audio leaked)

    samson: https://www.yout…

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  • Billie and Mel

    Sooooo after school isn't released yet and these are the thing that we know from now

    so we'll have the song fire drill and copy cat

    and these are the songs that fans think there will be


    Spelling Bee

    Janitor's Closer



    Cyicling Club

    Queen Of Hearts


    Silence Says


    but the only song that I personally think that will be there are naptime and silence says

    i think it'll be released on July/August 2020

    i think the cover art will be the picture se uses on tour while singing fire drill and copy cat so this one

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  • Pharaoh70

    Melanie Martinez is the BEST we all love her in our hearts and give lots of love to her! 

    we loved her two albums crybaby and k-12! they were the best...but at the end of the k-12 flim and songs i was kinda sad it ended right there..because i lovee melanie soo much in my hearts like you guys do! 

    but when i was going on fandom to growntown the other day..i was so happy to see melanie was making an new album in 2021 i said to my self i could not wait!! and i said..i wonder if she is doing a  flim with her new alium just like the k-12 one..and it seems like it is plus, i loved the name and everything but..i was going to the songs and iwas looking at the lyrices..they seemed a lil bit short to me,but i said maybe she will change it maybe she ha…

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  • Meowqueenserenity


    June 3, 2020 by Meowqueenserenity
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  • Lizzofyournightmares


    May 29, 2020 by Lizzofyournightmares


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  • Iicloudymoons4ever

    ⭐️Hello! I’m ☁️Cloudy☁️ or you can call me my real name Alex! Melanie Martinez is one of my favorite artists. Since she has a unique style and a amazing voice. Here’s my top 5 favorite songs by Mel! It’s ok if you have a different opinion about which songs are your favorite feel free to express how you feel about her songs too!🌙

    1. Alphabet Boy ~ the rhythm is amazing and I understand and can relate to the meaning of the song well! I also like the way she uses the alliteration “apples aren’t always appropriate apologies” it really makes the song stand out.

    2. Training Wheels ~ I like how Mel uses the words to express herself and how she feels I understand the meaning of the songs pretty well too! The background music of the sound matches with t…

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  • MyHeroAcademia4Life

    Hello Guys! It's me ;w;, so all I wanna say is- y'all shouldn't trust snippets unless Mel posts them! Thanks for reading this

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  • ParisDoggyFrance

    So I made a 7 foot tall (6`8") strawberry shortcake cake.

    I personally don't like a lot of things about it and see where I could've done better,

    but I'm pleased and thought I'd share

    ( I also made a giant show & tell box but I'll show that in the future )


    And yes, i photoshopped it onto the scene because I can.

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  • IsabelleFromAnimalCrossingSquad


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  • Tinka02

    New Title

    May 6, 2020 by Tinka02

    Hi everyone!

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  • Crybaby723

    Hi so I made a Melanie discord server called detention and I think it's nice for all of us crybabies to chat together. Here's the link:

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  • Princess Cloudy

    Hey guys, I’m a new Crybaby here. I actually didn’t get into Melanie Martinez until I watched K-12. Over time, I listened to more and more of her music, watched her music video and read the pages to decipher the deep meanings of Melanie’s dark songs hidden under the guise of cuteness. From what was once a morbid fascination, I think I’ve actually become a fan of Melanie’s music and videos, because I guess that mix of cute and creepy actually made her videos scarier and I reacted like how most people would react to horror movies. I was uncomfortable and disconcerted, yet I was still curious to see more.

    Anyways, enough of my long intro, here’s my list of K-12 songs ranked from least favourite to most favourite:

    13. High School Sweethearts- No…

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  • JudahKoeckeMusic

    Hello These Are My Fanmade Hello Are You There Lyrics I Made It A Melanie X Doja Cat Song! If You Wanna Use Them Message Me And We Will Get Talkin

    Crybabys And Students From K-12 Here You Are

    Hello And Hi.
    Please Tell Me Why I!
    Am Not Going Out To Get Hurt And Then Cry!!!
    Dont Give A Damn About Them When.
    There Temptations Were My Worst Nightmare.
    Hello are you there....

    DOJA:Hi Hello I Dont Wanna Seem Like A Hoe Though
    You Make My Margirita Float Like Boats!
    And I Wanna Make You Go "Oh!" So
    Heres What I Wanna Do, See, GO

    MELANIE:Hello Are You There?! Baby!
    I Know That You Care. Baby! (Uh)
    Hello Are You There?! Baby!
    I Know That You Care (Yeah) Baby!

    Go Away Now!
    Run Before I Put So…

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  • JudahKoeckeMusic

    Hello These Are My Fanmade Hey Alice Lyrics If You Wanna Use Them Message Me And We Will Get Talkin

    Crybabys And Students From K-12 Here You Are

    Hey alice what you doing in that tree!
    Hey alice will you please follow me.
    Up and down the rabbit hole we will go!
    Till we reach the bottom and get small as a toe.

    We will drink the potion till we fall
    Eat those cookies till we die
    We won't stop until we fly

    Hey alice! Hey alice! I read it all!(read it all)
    And I never really ment the stuff I said at all!(said at all)
    Take my hand and walk to the rabbit hole!(rabbit hole)
    Let's wake up and be in wonderland (Ouch!)
    (Hey alice, hey alice, ooh ooh ooh! Hey Alice, Hey alice, ooh ooh ooh)

    Hey alice why you crying on that door?
    Hey alic…

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  • MiraculousFanGirlayy


    March 17, 2020 by MiraculousFanGirlayy

    Hi I'm new to this wiki and I just wanted some conversation with any of youz! I have loved Melanie for ages! What about you?

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  • VampireEclipse

    Please reply with what your favorite song from K-12 is!

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  • ImSonata102


    February 16, 2020 by ImSonata102

    HAHAHAHAHA. Look At the picture 

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  • Savannahthefangirl


    February 2, 2020 by Savannahthefangirl

    So I started a Melanie fan page on Tik Tok... the username is @https.crybabyforever01.

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  • Kpera1

    Hello, so here are some pages that need an update. 

    1. The Music Video section of Lunchbox Friends , it needs a description and the cast. Look at the other songs if you want to know what it should look like.

    2. The Music Video section of Orange Juice , needs a description and the cast.

    3. The Music Video section of Detention , needs a description and the cast.

    4. The Music Video section of Teacher's Pet , needs a description and the cast.

    5. The Music Video section of High School Sweethearts , needs a description.

    6. The Music Video section of Recess , needs a description and the cast.

    7. Hot Topic , needs a gallery update, there is a lot of new merch.

    8. The Calendar , I think we kinda forgot about that so I think we miss almost everything from n…

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  • MelanieMelanieMelanie10

    hi.   Amber here and I'm starting off with some edits I made UwU 

                                             Here we go



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  • MelsCandyTown

    Hi guys today I will present some evidence of the possible existence of these three songs:

    1. Songs can be removed from these several non-profit performance-rights organization sites.

    • Yes, this is possible both BMI Repetoire and Songfile and here's the proof:
      • BMI -
        • Songfile -

    This is my point of view if you have something that disagrees just put your opinion in the comments i will try to answer you. Bye!

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  • ARV - MAD

    I've been looking for the video and it should have been uploaded the 26th, and it isn't already there.

    What happened????

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  • TessaLK

    K-12 songs ranked

    November 25, 2019 by TessaLK

    1. Orange Juice 

    2. The Principal

    3. Recess 

    4. Fire Drill

    5. Detention 

    6. Lunchbox Friends 

    7. Nurse's Office 

    8. Strawberry Shortcake 

    9. Class Fight 

    10. High School Sweethearts 

    11. Show & Tell 

    12. Drama Club 

    13. Wheels on the Bus 

    Of course all of the songs are amazing but this is my personal opinion! Drama Club is just a tad bit repetitive, and I prefer to listen to music on repeat for days. Fire Drill is so underrated, you guys. 

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  • MelsCandyTown

    Hi guys i found these informations in ISWC-net repertoire a while ago, here's the list:

    1. Alone - 3:00 (the same duration that Melanie's video uploaded on her Youtube channel in 2009).
    2. Birthing Addicts - 5:07
    3. Bittersweet Tragedy - 4:00
    4. Bones Are Blue - 4:02
    5. Cake - 4:00
    6. Curly Cue - 4:00
    7. Dear Porcupine - 3:20 (detail: the repertoire registred this title and "Dear porcupines", but only "Dear Porcupine" have this duration)
    8. Gingerbread Man - 4:00
    9. I Think I'm Crazy - 2:56
    10. Intervals - 4:08
    11. Mad Hatter - 4:00
    12. Teddy Bear - 3:30

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  • K-12Man

    Arts & Crafts con Melanie Martinez sigue la evolución del proceso creativo de Melanie, desde escribir poesía desde niña hasta dar vida a su primer largometraje K-12. Producida en colaboración con YouTube Music, esta pieza ofrece una visión exclusiva de su impulso ilimitado para crear y el poder curativo de la autoexpresión artística.

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  • Lolhoo

    I found this on Amino apps so why not put it here?

    CREDITS: eplemira

    Don't take it seriously. Aries-21 mar-19 apr Taurus-20 apr-20 may Gemini-21 may-21 jun Cancer-22 jun-23 jul Leo-24 jul-23 aug Virgo-24 aug-22 sept Libra-23 sept-22 oct Scorpio-23 oct-22 nov Sagittarius-23 nov-20 dec Capricorn-21 dec-20 Jan Aquarius-21 Jan-19 feb Pisces-20 feb-20 mar


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  • Zed1988

    K-12 favorite song

    September 26, 2019 by Zed1988

    Which K-12 song is your favorite? Mine is Recess :D

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  • Kpera1

    Pages that need an update

    September 18, 2019 by Kpera1

    Here are some pages that need an update. 

    Pages that need a music video description:

    1. Nurse's Office
    2. Drama Club
    3. Strawberry Shortcake
    4. Lunchbox Friends
    5. Orange Juice
    6. Detention
    7. Teacher's Pet
    8. High School Sweethearts
    9. Recess

    Pages that need a gallery update (new items):

    1. Hot Topic
    2. Euro Store

    Pages that need a video added:

    1. Build Series - The interviews (AOL Build) the one where she had pink hair. It also needs a gallery update with the pictures from 2016 and 2019.
    2. 7/28/16 At Lollapalooza - video needs to be added to gallery -videos-
    3. Fuse - video needs to be added to gallery


    1. September 2019
    2. October 2019
    3. Probably also the other months

    Here I have a list with all the interviews that I could find, maybe we need to add pages idk…

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  • Sonofmoonshine


    September 18, 2019 by Sonofmoonshine

    Can we please point out the loose pointers that Melanie left on the movie just to see if things will get answers in the future.

    Cry Baby era ones too, life where is brother and stuff.

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  • The Kid Who Loves Music

    I'm New!

    September 15, 2019 by The Kid Who Loves Music

    Hey, just wanted to make a quick post (that no one will read lol) to say hi.

    I've been a Cry Baby since 2016, and my favourite songs from her are Sippy Cup, Tag You're It, Lunchbox Friends & The Principal.

    I'm pretty much 100% new to any online Mel fandom, so I hope to be able to interact with other Crybabies here.

    I already have anInstagram and another Blog where I talk about music I enjoy which I post on semi-regularly. 

    Hope to meet some new Crybabies soon!

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  • Windclan.redfeather

    K-12 Deluxe

    September 14, 2019 by Windclan.redfeather

    Hi everyone! I have once again a question. Is there anyone here who knows if there will be a Deluxe version of K-12? Cause I thought I heard something like that and I don't know what another reason could be that Fire Drill was in the credits. A reason for that might be if there won't be a Deluxe version ir there will be but without Fire Drill. Then the reason might be that Mel considerd putting it in the album but didn't and put it in te credits instead....

    But anyways is there anyone who knows if there will be a deluxe version?💗

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  • Melanie's Melodies

    News: Melanie Martinez just released K-12 last night, 12:PM, 2019! It was both a movie and an album, and the movie had some pretty good reviews, and the album is now being listened to, worldwide.

    Here is the tracklist of the movie:

    Wheels On The Bus [Explicit]

    Class Fight [Explicit]

    The Principal [Explicit]

    Show & Tell [Explicit]

    Nurse's Office [Explicit]

    Drama Club [Explicit]

    Strawberry Shortcake [Explicit]

    Lunchbox Friends [Explicit]

    Orange Juice

    Detention [Explicit]

    Teacher's Pet [Explicit]

    Highschool Sweethearts [Explicit]

    Recess [Explicit]

    Fire Drill [Explicit]

    Movie Information:

    Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Musical, Dark Comedy, Surrealist Dark Comedy, Surrealism, Dark Fantasy Rated: R

    Written/Script by: Melanie Martinez

    Directed by: Melanie Martinez…

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  • Butterscotch Tragedy
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  • Windclan.redfeather

    K-12 question

    September 5, 2019 by Windclan.redfeather

    Hi everyone, I have a question. So Melanie said that k-12 will be released on september 6. But uhm will that be like midnight? Like will it be released the second "September 6" is starting. And if so in what time zone cause I'm kind of confused right now XD.


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  • Melanie's Melodies

    K-12 Premiere

    September 4, 2019 by Melanie's Melodies

    Last night, the K-12 Premiere happened. She had a very 60's outfit, and was also interviewed on the Red Carpet, too.

    (picture credit: LittleBody BigHatter on YouTube & gettyimages. All rights reserved.

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  • Melanie's Melodies

    K-12 Explained!

    September 3, 2019 by Melanie's Melodies

    Hello! Do you know about Melanie's new album K-12? Well, I am going to be sharing explanations of songs, scenes, and more about the album and move that we all know as K-12! Let's get started!

    Note: *these are just theories! you can share your theories down below, however, you all need to be respectful and create a positive, non - hurtful comment section. thank you.*

    - The girl named Kelly is probably the basic girl that was dating Blue Boy in the song "Pacify Her" off of the "Cry Baby" album. This has evidence; Blue Boy was in both the TV Spot and YouTube Trailer, and Kelly also has blonde hair like the basic girl in "Pacify Her" does. Kelly also has a similar hairstyle of the girl in the Pacify Her Artwork in the Cry Baby album book, too.

    - …

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  • MapleMartinez

    Please take 2 seconds of your day to look at this stupid meme

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Revamped Userboxes

    August 25, 2019 by Redandsymmetry

    Hello! I'm sure you're familiar with our userboxes, as many of you have been using them on your user pages for quite some time. Just last night, I decided to revamp the userboxes to make them all consistent with each other and even made new ones! Feel free to check them out here and even make your own if you feel something is missing!

    Here are a few examples of the revamped and new userboxes if you wish to see them:

    Revamped New Revamped New
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  • Kpera1

    K-12 Navigation Template

    August 21, 2019 by Kpera1

    Hi, so what K-12 navigation template do yall like more?




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  • IsaiahLBBH

    thats it

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  • CryBabyzzz14

    I love Melanie Because some of her songs accually feel like they get me and some songs are just like my personallity. I love her songs cuz there unqiue and Odd, amazing odd.

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  • Cryboy
    My album Unreleased Song 
    Google Disc:


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  • MapleMartinez
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  • Phâstell

    Song analysis

    July 23, 2019 by Phâstell

    These are what I think the leaked snippets on k-12 are about

    The principal-the guy in the album based off trump is the principal

    pink slip-going to the nurse

    Detention-how selfish teachers can be sometimes

    Recess-peer pressure

    Highschool sweethearts-having a difficult/mean partner

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