• Lolhoo

    I found this on Amino apps so why not put it here?

    CREDITS: eplemira

    Don't take it seriously. Aries-21 mar-19 apr Taurus-20 apr-20 may Gemini-21 may-21 jun Cancer-22 jun-23 jul Leo-24 jul-23 aug Virgo-24 aug-22 sept Libra-23 sept-22 oct Scorpio-23 oct-22 nov Sagittarius-23 nov-20 dec Capricorn-21 dec-20 Jan Aquarius-21 Jan-19 feb Pisces-20 feb-20 mar


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  • Zed1988

    K-12 favorite song

    September 26, 2019 by Zed1988

    Which K-12 song is your favorite? Mine is Recess :D

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  • Kpera1

    Pages that need an update

    September 18, 2019 by Kpera1

    Here are some pages that need an update. 

    Pages that need a music video description:

    1. Nurse's Office
    2. Drama Club
    3. Strawberry Shortcake
    4. Lunchbox Friends
    5. Orange Juice
    6. Detention
    7. Teacher's Pet
    8. High School Sweethearts
    9. Recess

    Pages that need a gallery update (new items):

    1. Hot Topic
    2. Euro Store

    Pages that need a video added:

    1. Build Series - The interviews (AOL Build) the one where she had pink hair. It also needs a gallery update with the pictures from 2016 and 2019.
    2. 7/28/16 At Lollapalooza - video needs to be added to gallery -videos-
    3. Fuse - video needs to be added to gallery


    1. September 2019
    2. October 2019
    3. Probably also the other months

    Here I have a list with all the interviews that I could find, maybe we need to add pages idk…

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  • Sonofmoonshine


    September 18, 2019 by Sonofmoonshine

    Can we please point out the loose pointers that Melanie left on the movie just to see if things will get answers in the future.

    Cry Baby era ones too, life where is brother and stuff.

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  • The Kid Who Loves Music

    I'm New!

    September 15, 2019 by The Kid Who Loves Music

    Hey, just wanted to make a quick post (that no one will read lol) to say hi.

    I've been a Cry Baby since 2016, and my favourite songs from her are Sippy Cup, Tag You're It, Lunchbox Friends & The Principal.

    I'm pretty much 100% new to any online Mel fandom, so I hope to be able to interact with other Crybabies here.

    I already have anInstagram and another Blog where I talk about music I enjoy which I post on semi-regularly. 

    Hope to meet some new Crybabies soon!

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  • Windclan.redfeather

    K-12 Deluxe

    September 14, 2019 by Windclan.redfeather

    Hi everyone! I have once again a question. Is there anyone here who knows if there will be a Deluxe version of K-12? Cause I thought I heard something like that and I don't know what another reason could be that Fire Drill was in the credits. A reason for that might be if there won't be a Deluxe version ir there will be but without Fire Drill. Then the reason might be that Mel considerd putting it in the album but didn't and put it in te credits instead....

    But anyways is there anyone who knows if there will be a deluxe version?💗

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  • Melanie's Melodies

    News: Melanie Martinez just released K-12 last night, 12:PM, 2019! It was both a movie and an album, and the movie had some pretty good reviews, and the album is now being listened to, worldwide.

    Here is the tracklist of the movie:

    Wheels On The Bus [Explicit]

    Class Fight [Explicit]

    The Principal [Explicit]

    Show & Tell [Explicit]

    Nurse's Office [Explicit]

    Drama Club [Explicit]

    Strawberry Shortcake [Explicit]

    Lunchbox Friends [Explicit]

    Orange Juice

    Detention [Explicit]

    Teacher's Pet [Explicit]

    Highschool Sweethearts [Explicit]

    Recess [Explicit]

    Fire Drill [Explicit]

    Movie Information:

    Genre: Drama, Horror, Fantasy, Musical, Dark Comedy, Surrealist Dark Comedy, Surrealism, Dark Fantasy Rated: R

    Written/Script by: Melanie Martinez

    Directed by: Melanie Martinez…

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  • Butterscotch Tragedy
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  • Windclan.redfeather

    K-12 question

    September 5, 2019 by Windclan.redfeather

    Hi everyone, I have a question. So Melanie said that k-12 will be released on september 6. But uhm will that be like midnight? Like will it be released the second "September 6" is starting. And if so in what time zone cause I'm kind of confused right now XD.


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  • Melanie's Melodies

    K-12 Premiere

    September 4, 2019 by Melanie's Melodies

    Last night, the K-12 Premiere happened. She had a very 60's outfit, and was also interviewed on the Red Carpet, too.

    (picture credit: LittleBody BigHatter on YouTube & gettyimages. All rights reserved.

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  • Melanie's Melodies

    K-12 Explained!

    September 3, 2019 by Melanie's Melodies

    Hello! Do you know about Melanie's new album K-12? Well, I am going to be sharing explanations of songs, scenes, and more about the album and move that we all know as K-12! Let's get started!

    Note: *these are just theories! you can share your theories down below, however, you all need to be respectful and create a positive, non - hurtful comment section. thank you.*

    - The girl named Kelly is probably the basic girl that was dating Blue Boy in the song "Pacify Her" off of the "Cry Baby" album. This has evidence; Blue Boy was in both the TV Spot and YouTube Trailer, and Kelly also has blonde hair like the basic girl in "Pacify Her" does. Kelly also has a similar hairstyle of the girl in the Pacify Her Artwork in the Cry Baby album book, too.

    - …

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  • MapleMartinez

    Please take 2 seconds of your day to look at this stupid meme

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Revamped Userboxes

    August 25, 2019 by Redandsymmetry

    Hello! I'm sure you're familiar with our userboxes, as many of you have been using them on your user pages for quite some time. Just last night, I decided to revamp the userboxes to make them all consistent with each other and even made new ones! Feel free to check them out here and even make your own if you feel something is missing!

    Here are a few examples of the revamped and new userboxes if you wish to see them:

    Revamped New Revamped New
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  • Kpera1

    K-12 Navigation Template

    August 21, 2019 by Kpera1

    Hi, so what K-12 navigation template do yall like more?




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  • IsaiahLBBH

    thats it

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  • CryBabyzzz14

    I love Melanie Because some of her songs accually feel like they get me and some songs are just like my personallity. I love her songs cuz there unqiue and Odd, amazing odd.

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  • Cryboy
    My album Unreleased Song 
    Google Disc:


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  • MapleMartinez
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  • Phâstell

    Song analysis

    July 23, 2019 by Phâstell

    These are what I think the leaked snippets on k-12 are about

    The principal-the guy in the album based off trump is the principal

    pink slip-going to the nurse

    Detention-how selfish teachers can be sometimes

    Recess-peer pressure

    Highschool sweethearts-having a difficult/mean partner

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  • Jake Pancake

    P.S Hey, Hey, Hey bros  How are the day  from today? I hope you are well since I come with a new blog for you; Enjoy!

    The subject of which I will speak to you today it's about a legend of a terrifying bear which I think he has a lot similar with the song "Teddy bear" by Melanie, so if you're interested, follow reading.

                                                                                   Hitori Kakurenbo

    Of Japanese origin, Hitori Kakurenbo or the game of hidden is a ritual for contact the dead The spirits that haunt without rest on Earth always they are looking for a body what to possess With this ritual invoke a spirit to offer him a doll instead of a human body. 

                                                                 What is …

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  • MapleMartinez


    July 2, 2019 by MapleMartinez


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  • Windclan.redfeather

    Hi so I was wondering if you order the cd at her website is that including storybook or is that only if you order the lp?

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  • Kpera1

    So on the front page of this wiki there are two pictures that refer to Melanie's album. One for Cry Baby and one for K-12. The one for the new album says that 'Melanie is announcing an album soon' and I thought it was a little bit outdated and that there should be a new one. So I made this. This is the test version. Do whatever you want with it :)

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  • Jake Pancake

    Here we can see Cry Baby with black eyes like Mad Hatter. So the story continues.

    Doing zoom, we see the school principal who is watching Cry Baby.

    Cry Baby is tied up with straps and she can not get out she is screaming probably punished by the teacher.

    Elita and Cry Baby try to go outside the school but they can not do it since the guards prevent it. The guards take forms of rabbits.

    This girl will represent the Basic Bitch (the one that comes out in Pacify her not Beth Anne) She is beating Cry Baby for a discussion that happened between the two of them.

    Cry Baby is lying on the floor receiving the blows of the Basic Bitch.

    Elita tries to defend Cry Baby but the blondes do not let her save Cry Baby.

    This boy can be an alphabet boy.

    Here it is mo…

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  • Jake Pancake
    • The name is complete: Melanie Adele Martínez Vargas.
    • Her grandmother inspired her to sing.
    • Melanie can speak a little sign language.
    • Melanie's favorite color is pink.
    • In secret, she would like to be a tattoo artist.
    • She has very vivid dreams often.
    • Mel did not have many friends when he grew up.
    • She is afraid of losing her cell phone frequently.
    • When she is alone, she plays Muddy Waters and dances for her concerts.
    • Melanie is 1.57 in height.
    • She suffers from anxiety and smokes.
    • The video that Melanie liked best was sippy cup.
    • She has a brother, Joseph.
    • Melanie does not like vegetables her diet only consists of chicken and cheese.
    • Before, she would upload covers to her YouTube channel.
    • She was in the program "The voice".
    • His first success was dollhouse.
    • She …
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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington


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  • Pantyhose

    Come talk about the K-12 album, Crybaby, Dollhouse EP, members of the community, new releases, old releases, speculate and basically, anything Mel related. Be civil and kind to one another when submitting asks. x

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  • Pantyhose

    Come talk about the K-12 album, Crybaby, Dollhouse EP, members of the community, new releases, old releases, speculate and basically, anything Mel related. Be civil and kind to one another when submitting asks. x

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  • Pantyhose

    Come join our Melanie Martinez server. We had friendly staff, lots of funny emotes and active throughout all hours of the night. 7X8fFBB

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  • CelloJay

    I posted this on the discussions to in case y’all wanted to drag it at the same time it’s not necessarily a final design keep that in mind 

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  • Theblindfox1

    Hello! I just started a Melanie wiki in romanian and I want you to ask if there is anybody who is interested in helping me with it. [[1]]

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  • Lionheart9187

    Hi everyone! If you are reading this, then it's your lucky day. Now's your chance to join the brand new Melanie Discord, Crybabies! It is run by me and my friend, Will! We are hoping to gain members soon so if you have discord you don't want to miss out on this new server! We have several organized section, each for its own purpose, kind mods, and good rules! Join today!

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  • MapleMartinez

    Ok so

    April 25, 2019 by MapleMartinez

    I know I said that I wanted the wiki to be peaceful but peaceful is boring.

    So I'm gonna say it.


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  • MapleMartinez


    April 2, 2019 by MapleMartinez

    Like y'all better stop before I start pronouncing the p in receipt.

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  • MapleMartinez

    Made on

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  • MapleMartinez

    These real?

    March 5, 2019 by MapleMartinez

    I was looking at random snippets and just wanna fact check a couple of them.





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  • PeachyAcai

    ok these fanmade lyrics are rly bad but enjoy it as much as you can i guess (also please tell me how to improve if you want; also if you do like it n decide to repost it somewhere then credit me thanks)

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  • Littlebodybigcarousel

    hey alice

    February 25, 2019 by Littlebodybigcarousel

    hello. im mya moke. i am the person whom played the guitar and sang the lyrics to, 'hey alice' by melanie martinez. i would like to clear up that i didnt have no idea since i had been a fan of mel since 2014 i didnt know she wrote a song called 'hey alice.' well, i made a video on my channel called, 'do i sound like melanie martinez?' and a lot of you responded. someone asked me to sing these exact lyrics, "hey alice, it's been so long since i seen your skin." i dont know how to play guitar what so ever only being 12 and my fingers are too small. the same person asked me to sing it simular to, 'bones are blue.' i did. the next day i look up on youtube the lyrics to the song and found a video of it being a snippet claiming to be mels. i was…

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  • Redandsymmetry

    Lip Syncs

    February 15, 2019 by Redandsymmetry

    These are various lip syncs to songs that Melanie Martinez did on her Instagram around 2013-2015. They were later taken down for unknown reasons.

    • Tattooed Heart - Ariana Grande
    • Poker Face - Lady Gaga
    • When I Get Thru With You - Patsy Cline
    • Dark Paradise - Lana Del Rey
    • Leavin' on Your Mind - Patsy Cline
    • Where Do Babies Come From? - Melanie Martinez
    • Dear Porcupines - Melanie Martinez
    • She's Got You - Patsy Cline
    • She Will Never Love You Like I Do - Teresa Brewer
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  • Redandsymmetry

    These are old, lost and hard-to-find pictures and videos of Melanie Martinez. This post will be updated as new pictures and videos are found. Some of these pictures and videos may not be of the greatest quality.

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  • Heyorhellotoyou

    2nd Album

    February 9, 2019 by Heyorhellotoyou


    Unhappy meal 

    Fall Down

    99 Cent Store

    Mouthful (Feat.Cardi B)

    My Crime 


    One Of Em

    New Message


    Movie Fraud,Time Served

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington

    Hey Alice

    February 8, 2019 by LittleHeartBigBluffington

    "Hey Alice, It's Been So Long Since Iv'e Seen Your Skin", can you help me add these lyrics. They are from the song!

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington

    Guys this isn't lost. No one's going to believe me but, our team just got a one minute snippet of this song. Were not leaking yet, however we are trading. Feel free to ask questions about the song.

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  • MapleMartinez


    February 3, 2019 by MapleMartinez

    Melanie and Mapleshade from Warriors would be best friends I'M FLIPPING SERIOUS

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington


    January 30, 2019 by LittleHeartBigBluffington

    Hey I have a drive full of Melanie Martinez Lost,Rare,Live,and othe content. Over 235 Files! I would love to trade with someone. DM me if you are interested.

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    legit this boi tried playing the "what are u talking about?" card on me when i threatened to expose him bc he didnt know i had shared screenshots. he would've continued to lie to his fans to protect himself. now we're having a conversation where he legit admitted that he would have continued to lie to his fans to stop the truth from getting out.

    im tired of protecting his sorry ass. here's the screenshots. i honestly hope he gets cancelled.

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington

    Every lyric that hasn't been proven to be true from a snippet has been removed from pages, should we keep King of The Arcade's lyrics?

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington

    This isn't my post, but someone will be leaking an old song if the post reaches 100 or 200 likes. Hurry let's get it there. and If it's fake just unlike it and block them.

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  • LittleHeartBigBluffington

    I was wondering since the movie is coming up soon, do yall got any theories to share. Like when it takes place, where it is, characters, etc.

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  • Frxya

    Your favourite unreleased song?

    December 10, 2018 by Frxya

    Mine is Drama Club and 99 Cent Store.

    v Comment v

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