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Ben is a character created by Melanie Martinez for her film, K-12. He is portrayed by Marsalis Wilson. He is a student at K-12 Sleepaway School.


Ben is first seen when a tennis ball, encapsulated in a bubble from Cry Baby's tennis game, floats over to him. Much later, he slips a note into Cry Baby's locker that contains an anonymous poem confessing his love feelings to her.

Ben is preparing to ask Cry Baby to the school dance when Leo bumps into him. He watches from behind a wall as Leo asks Cry Baby to the dance, to which she accepts.

When Cry Baby meets Ben after freeing the students from Leo's spell, he confesses to her that he was the one who put the note in her locker, showing he's also an empath. Later in the movie, they formulate a plan to blow a bubble and make the school float away and disappear. Once this is done, they jump off the balcony and escape. After the school disappears, Cry Baby kisses Ben on the cheek. Lilith appears again with the gate to return home. Ben, along with Magnolia, Fleur, and Celeste, is one of the first people to leave.

Power and Abilities

As an empath, Ben is shown to have magic/psychic powers, where his eyes are turned completely black when he uses them. Below is a list of powers that Ben has displayed thus far:

  • Bubble Encapsulation: Towards the end of the film, it is shown that Ben, just like Cry Baby, can blow bubbles that are able to encapsulate and store objects. These bubbles seem to be rather powerful, as they were able to lift the school off of the ground and make it float away. When the bubble popped, the school disappeared.


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