"After School" is the upcoming fourth extended play (EP) by Melanie Martinez. It is set to be released in spring 2020.[1]


In an interview with V Magazine, Melanie stated that she would release songs that were in-line with K-12, but were "more personal and more vulnerable".

When the K-12 Tour began, fans began to speculate that Melanie would be releasing an EP because the image displayed on the video screen during Fire Drill would show a pink composition notebook with the words "After School" written on the front.[2]

During the concert at O2 City Hall in Newcastle, Melanie announced that Fire Drill would be officially released at some point in 2020. It was later confirmed through Melanie's Instagram story that the song would be a track on After School.

On January 20th and 21st, 2020, fans reported hearing Melanie rehearsing new songs, which are likely from the EP. However, she did not perform any of these songs during her concerts.[3][4][5]

On February 6th, 2020, an interview was released where Melanie stated that she intended to release Fire Drill by the end of the month; however, it has not yet been released. She also scrapped one track from the EP,[6] although she later confirmed in a Beats 1 interview that the EP would remain with seven tracks.[7]

On February 9th, 2020, Melanie confirmed through her Instagram story that the EP would be out in spring, and that a song featuring "one of [her] fav artists" would be coming out "sooner than you think".[1] The next day, she released a single titled Copy Cat, featuring Tierra Whack.


According to Melanie, the EP follows the story elements that are present in her sophomore album, K-12; however, the songs will be more personal to Melanie rather than relating to her character, Cry Baby.


Confirmed Songs

Possible Songs


On January 8th, 2020, Melanie did a Q&A regarding the EP on her Instagram story. Questions about the EP can be found below.


  • The EP will have seven tracks, one of which is Fire Drill.
    • Melanie was going to scrap one of the tracks, leaving the EP with six tracks, as she thought seven was "too much for an EP".[6] However, she later stated in an interview with Beats 1 that the EP would have seven tracks, implying that she decided not to scrap the song.[7]
  • Melanie confirmed that there is a track with a female featured artist on the EP.
    • The song was later confirmed to be Copy Cat.
  • One of the songs will be about a breakup.
  • The songs on the EP will be "all new", according to Melanie.
  • Melanie plans to make music videos for multiple songs on this project.
  • Due to the EP's name being revealed on the screen during the K-12 Tour, many fans believe that the words on the posters that were added in the V.I.P. exhibit could be song titles.
    • The posters say "Circus", "Cycling Club" and "Marathon".
  • This will be Melanie's second EP that does not include songs already released from a previous project or remixes.


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