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2nd Feature Film is the upcoming second theatrical full-length film by Melanie Martinez that will be attached to her third studio album. Although it is not released yet, Martinez has given a small amount of information related to the future release.


During an Instagram Q&A on January 8th, 2020 where Martinez asked fans for questions relating to her musical future in 2020, she mentioned her next film. A fan asked "Will we have a new film?", Martinez replied, "I'm planning on putting out music videos for this year. As for the next film I make, it will be attached to my third album and that will probably take a while to conjure up." This proved that her second film would be a musical like K-12.[1]

In an Interview with People Magazine on September 6th, 2019, Martinez announced how she'd planned out her next two films after K-12, "I have my next film planned out, as far as what I want to do – and the film after that and they both have albums attached to them."[2]

Within the same People Magazine interview, Martinez stated that she would probably be able to finish up her next film faster, as she had refined her skills after making the first one, saying that: "Hopefully it will be faster this time. It won't be like, four years. Just because, I've done it at least once so now I'm past all those learning curves that I had to kind of reach and figure out."[2]

In an interview with Travis Mills on October 27th, 2020, Martinez said that she was on page 50 of the script of the accompanying film, later on the Travis Mills show, she stated that she had finished the script.[3]

Also on the Travis Mills Show, Martinez stated that the movie would ratio out to have more film than musical scenes, referencing the amount of film-time taken up by music in her previous film, K-12.[4]

Within an interview with Beats 1, Martinez talked about her film being more existential, meaning it would relate more to life than her previous film, K-12.

On January 7th, 2021, in an interview with Grammy Museum, Martinez claimed Cry Baby would "evolve".[5]